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In addition to providing free classifieds, this website provides owners of exotic pets with a platform to share their passion with other like minded people.


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Lost Reptile saved from cold

A rare lizard has survived freezing temperatures after it was found in a Shropshire garden. The “plated lizard”, which usually enjoys high temperatures in a vivarium, was found in a garden in Madeley.  She was taken to the vets where they managed to stimulate her to increase her temperature and save her life. It is hoped she will now make a full recovery after being in a vivarium and under heat lamps since she was discovered on Thursday.

November 2009 | Read the article


Snakes alive! Father discovers his son's 'toy' snake is real

Ever since he was given a toy snake, four-year-old Leonard Yip has used it to strike fear into his family. So when his father Mark saw a 3ft creature wriggling around his front room, he assumed Leonard was on the end of it. Then he realised his son was at school and the reptile was moving on its own.  At this point a terrified Mr Yip did what most red-blooded men would do. He slammed the door and yelled for his wife, Cindy. She raised the alarm with the local council, who sent a dog warden to capture the intruder.

November 2009 | Read the article


Double Glazed Vivarium

A PAIR of slippery customers are thrilled to be in their new vivarium home and it's all thanks to a Solihull double glazing company.  Burmese Pythons Sasha and Conan took up residence in the specially produced vivarium created by the Window Centre, after Solihull College Animal Management students Amanda McGill and Laura Stringer came up with the design for the pair of reptiles.

November 2009 | Read the article



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